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The Korea National University of Arts was established in 1992 with the goal of fostering elite in the art sector at the national level with the support of the government to contribute to the development of the cultural industry in Korea. It is recognized as Korea’s best art school recognized by others.

Opera content was uploaded to the STABY GO platform on the 29 JULY, less than a week before STABY GO announced its collaboration with the La Bella Opera Company on the 23rd.

This opera content was uploaded paid content, which is the fact that the role of the full-fledged stream protocol and a fair profit-sharing system were applied through paid content.

La bella Opera Company ( and STABY announced that they signed a business agreement on the 19th to revitalize and universalize opera.

The La bella Opera Company is a purely private opera organization that has continued its cultural and artistic activities to spread opera culture and improve quality of life for the past 15 years.

The biggest feature of this agreement is that it will be able to create a structure that allows artists and creators to continue their artistic activities by distributing content revenue transparently and efficiently through STABY’s patented technology, “Blockchain-based Revenue Distribution System.”

It is considered innovative…

STABY Company, recently announced that it has released the “STABY GO” application. It was released on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

“STABY GO” has accumulated more than 10,000 users in three weeks since its official service opened in June, and it is expected that the number of users will continue to increase as STABY has artistry, popularity, and original content produced by creators and consumers.

Currently, various contents can be enjoyed free of charge through the “STABBY GO” website ( or application, and future news can be delivered first.

July 14, STABY announced signed a business agreement with Myongji University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group.

It launched a new OTT platform called ‘stabyGO’ in June that differentiates itself from other platforms. Emphasizing a reasonable billing system with an advertising message, “Let’s pay as much as see from now,” led by contents from various fields and genres to resolve stereotypes and immersion in culture.

This business agreement is one of the business areas that showcases various genres of content and implements STABY’s values to create a sound creative ecosystem for creators, not end with creative content production support for students in their…

The “Producer X Artist” combination of “HANG OUT”, a 2021 summer special hip-hop project created by Staby and Hiphopplaya, was announced. Fans are continuing to react explosively with questions about how the chemistry between each artist will spread out.


Stream Protocol announced on the 16th that it has started mining KSP tokens from the “KLAY/KSTPL Pool” formed within the Klayswap.

On the 26th, Stream Protocol formed ‘KLAY-KSTPL Pool’ on Klayswap through the addition of Orbit Bridge and participated in the defi market. Starting from the 15th, airdrop events will begin, with a total of 1,875,000 STPLs per month, 62,500 per day.

Mining of KSP governance tokens began as of today, 16th. Mining allows users to obtain both KLAY, KSP and STPL tokens. Users who supply liquidity to the pool can be rewarded according to the pool policy. …

📋 Stream Protocol 📋

Additional Klay Swap Liquidity Rewards

For a month from today (15 June to 15 July).

👾 1,875,000 STPL airdrops 👾

When depositing in klay-kstpl pair from Klayswap, as of current application point which is 240%, 62,500 per day, and total 1,875,000 STPL will be provided.

> Airdrop starts today! <

Please participate and show a lot of interest.

▷Klay swap:

▷ Orbit Bridge:

▷KSTPL Contract:


▷STPL Contract:


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How to use STPL Klayswap

Step 1

Split the seed money into 50:50 ratio, then purchase each STPL and Klay.

Alternatively, you can automatically…

The lineup of “HANG OUT,” a special project for summer 2021, has finally been unveiled.

The 2021 summer special project “HANG OUT” is currently a project involving a large number of trendy producers and artists in the Korean hip-hop scene.

This project will involve seven producers, including Code Kunst, PeeJay, and Woogie, as well as artists such as Big Naughty, Hommies (호미들), Lee Young-ji, Lilcheri & Goldbuda, and will form eight teams to produce compilation albums through episodes that take place during the trip.

Especially Han Ji-won, the winner of “Music Trip with PJ,” who broke through the 500:1 competition…

Stream Protocol

Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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