Even though Bitcoin prices has gone up to almost 40K and now its a bit below, it cannot be denied that within these recent months interest of crypto market has increased dramatically.

Captain coin’s increase has pulled the activation of others as well. Let’s discuss about Stream Protocol. Stream Protocol is a coin that related closely to the current growth of content market.

Basically the system is built based on blockchain technology, which means it cannot be manipulated or modified arbitrarily. Revenue generated from the content is distributed fairly according to the content information written on smart contract. …

Connect is a content production service platform that connects artists, creators, staff, production investment companies, and advertisers to create content efficiently. You can freely upload a portfolio that appeals to you in each field of support and apply for posts that you want to participate in.

In addition, anyone can become a team leader, register posts, and organize teams. After organizing a team, team-mates can use group chat and utilize community function.

To increase matching accuracy, it has established a separate search server and introduced Sandbird Platform, a company specializing in messenger solutions, to support stable chatting functions.

In addition…

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Close Beta of StabyGo, the OTT platform equipped with a real-time blockchain settlement system developed by STABY, launched on December 31, 2020.

StabyGo is equipped with a real-time blockchain settlement system that has never been attempted in Korea. Content information and equity information are recorded in blocks when users enter and register it, and revenue is distributed in real time according to their viewing history, making the settlement system of the OTT platform more efficient. In addition, as autonomy is guaranteed, the production environment of content production participants can be created to create quality content and reduce initial production costs.

Hello all!

Did you all have a good Christmas?

We’d like to inform very pleasant two news! :)

Here are two things that our Stream Protocol has developed so far.

  1. Stream Protocol Equity Distribution System

Stream Protocol Equity Distribution System is a system in which content information and equities are registered in blockchain network and rewards are distributed in real time according to viewing history.
▶Watch the video for more information!

2. OTT Platform ‘StabyGo’ close beta launching by Stream Protocol

Close beta for Staby Go utilizing Stream Protocol has been launched. StabyGo is an OTT platform that is…

Stream Protocol has published its 2021 Roadmap and ‘Whitepaper’ 2.0

Stream Protocol Whitepaper 2.0 provides an overview of Stream Protocol’s projects, including the 2021 roadmap.

The background, vision, and the innovative revenue sharing system of Stream Protocols, as well as the auction market and staking system with NFT technology are described in detail.

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Stream Protocol (STPL) and Origin Protocol has signed partnership on decentralized marketplace.

Through this partnership, STPL will open ‘Dshop’ from Origin Protocol. Through the Dshop, merchandises such as T-shirts, mug cups, phone cases and others with STPL logo are buyable using STPL tokens. In addition to STPL products, updates to various entertainment product lines are also being discussed.

Origin Protocol is a project that provides decentralized P2P marketplace services. Origin Protocol, consisting of experts who have worked on famous platforms such as YouTube and Google, is a global open-source project consisting of team members from around the world, including Korea…

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(Congrats) Stream Protocol, Flybit Listing!

Ladies and gent on STPL channel

STPL will be listed on FLYBIT, a KRW market, December 18th.

The FLYBIT exchange has acquired ISMS certification for virtual asset businesses by introducing Hennessy Wallet to prepare for the special law that will take effect in March next year.

It is also a blockchain financial service platform that has technical and business agreements with Binance and Xangle.

In the future, we will try to meet Stream Protocols in a better environment and ecosystem. :)

Thank you.

Please check the exchange notice for information regarding the listing!

Flybit Exchange Notice Shortcuts:


Xangle :https://xangle.io/project/STPL/recent-disclosure/5fdaeadd74e4653044b127bc

Website: https://www.streamprotocol.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamprotocol

Telegram: http://t.me/stream_protocol

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Staby and ‘Good Concert’ has agreed to business agreement to vitalize music and entertainment industry which was affected deadly by COVID-19.

Staby will provide real time relay and VOD service of Good Concert on Staby Go, an OTT platform developed by Staby. This made fans to easily access to high quality concert online hosted by Good Concert.

Through this agreement, the two companies have decided to ▲ apply a two-way streaming system using multi cameras, real-time streaming performance service and ▲ sharing of business information for the sake of success and development of the project.

‘Good Concert’ is a company…

We are glad to announce that Stream Protocol(STPL) will officialy be listed on Coingecko. You can trade STPL in Coingecko from today.

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We are glad to announce that Stream Protocol(STPL) will officialy be listed on Uniswap. You can trade STPL in Uniswap from today. If necessary, Ethereum can be used to purchase STPL.

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that swaps between Ethereum and different Ethereum based tokens. Since it does not require any other processes such as KYC, it is known for its easy and convenient trading system. Moreover, since it applies only a 0.30% fee to trades, so traders have less burden of trading fees.

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STPL token contract address : 0x9b5C2BE869a19e84BDBcb1386dAD83a2ec8DAe82

With given address, STPL and Ethereum can be exchanged through…

Stream Protocol_STPL Official

Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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