Again! Stream Protocol — Contentos, Stream NFT Auction Market Share and Technical Exchange

Stream Protocol, a content revenue distribution platform using blockchain, plans to share a Stream Auction market with its partner Contentos to expand the content NFT ecosystem and conduct technology exchanges.

From this collaboration, Contentos supplies content NFT to Stream Auction, a content NFT market under development in STPL, and exchanges technologies for NFT generation and Auction development.

Contentos is a decentralized content platform that utilizes blockchain technology and distributed profit system. Based on blockchain technology that manages data transparently, it provides content creators, consumers, and advertisers with compensation as much as they contributed to the system. In addition, Contentos protects the intellectual property rights of content with blockchain technology to guarantee the rights and profits of content creators.

Contentos previously released COS.TV’s content NFT mining application. Within a week of launching the application, more than 300 videos were applied to issue the NFT.

Stream Protocol is a blockchain-based revenue distribution system, which aims to solve inefficient content production procedures and unreasonable content revenue distribution structures. Blockchain technology, which cannot arbitrarily operate the current content industry system’s chronic problems and inefficient production procedures, can save time and finance needed for revenue settlement and distribution procedures, and is distributed transparently and fairly to participants.

The NFT Auction Market, introduced in the Stream Protocol, is a content NFT market that converts the distributed shares into ERC-721 based NFTs, which can be achieved through the initial Auction and even P2P transactions. It is characterized by the fact that you can receive revenue from the actual content as a reward. NFT Auction Market is currently under development and is scheduled to be launched in the first half of the year with OTT platform Staby Go equipped with stream protocols.

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