Collaboration of ‘Stream Protocol’ and ‘Haechi Labs’

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‘Stream Protocol’ (STPL) (CEO Lee Sang-su), which is developing a platform for distribution of revenue of content based on block chain, announced on the 26th that it will collaborate with ‘Haechi Labs’ to develop advanced smart contracts and provide safe crypto wallets.

‘STPL’ is trying to improve frequent inefficient content production procedures and unclear profit distribution structure in the content industry by utilizing block chain technology.

Using “STPL”’s block chain-based revenue distribution technology, content revenues are distributed fairly to those who participated in the production process based on their contributions registered in the block chain.

Information recorded in the block chain cannot be modified or deleted arbitrarily, and all transaction records will be transparent, creating a reliable revenue distribution structure. The company officially patented this technology on the 21st.

Haechi Labs, a company specializing in block chain technology, is developing and providing its own Wallet service, Henesis, which is based on the Blockchain project’s “Smart Contract Security Audit” and multi-signing technology.

“Henesis” Wallet supports essential security devices such as “White Listing of withdrawal addresses” and “White Listing of API Call IP Addresses” to help develop secure block chain services.

Under this agreement, the two companies will push for ▲ complementing security vulnerabilities in smart contracts and auditing services, ▲enhancement of stability and security of Wallet Service’s deposit and withdrawal management, and ▲ improved trading environment and user experience with a powerful security system together.

Both companies started implementing contracts needed for platform development from October 19th and are planning to complete the implementation and development of contracts in mid-November.

STPL and wallet service of Henesis will be used on revenue sharing service of StabyGo, an OTT platform of Staby.

‘StabyGo’ is known as the ‘OTT platform’ for both content users and producers, based on an efficient billing system and a fair revenue distribution structure.

“Through this agreement, we will be able to speed up the development of STPL services, we will make efforts to ensure transparency and reliability and ensure fairness while preparing an advanced equity distribution system through digital innovation.” said Lee Sang-su, CEO of STPL.

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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