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Under the slogan “For those who are ready to be remembered for a long time” Staby (CEO Lee Sang-su) is a startup that boldly made its debut in the OTT industry dominated by large companies through its own OTT platform ‘StabyGo’.

OTT platform, which is being developed by Staby, is optimized for high-definition viewing not only on smartphones but also on smart TVs. Usually, the hardware specifications of smart TVs are lower than that of smartphones, which can result in slow execution during high-definition viewing or suspension of execution due to lack of memory while running, but the Staby overcame them through optimization in a small resource environment. Through this, reference-class 4K videos that are superior to Blu-ray can be viewed on low-end smart TVs.

In addition, the company developed a “content revenue distribution system,” a unique streaming settlement system, so that profits generated from the platform can be automatically distributed transparently and fairly to production participants and investors as much as the equity set up. The Staby expects the OTT industry to effectively improve the existing content market and unfair settlement methods that have not been highlighted due to the rapid rise of the OTT industry.

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