The lineup of “HANG OUT,” a special project for summer 2021, has finally been unveiled.

The 2021 summer special project “HANG OUT” is currently a project involving a large number of trendy producers and artists in the Korean hip-hop scene.

This project will involve seven producers, including Code Kunst, PeeJay, and Woogie, as well as artists such as Big Naughty, Hommies (호미들), Lee Young-ji, Lilcheri & Goldbuda, and will form eight teams to produce compilation albums through episodes that take place during the trip.

Especially Han Ji-won, the winner of “Music Trip with PJ,” who broke through the 500:1 competition rate in May, also said she would participate in the project as an artist.

Artists participating in “Hangout,” which had shown great results on various domestic charts until recently, are also preparing compilation albums through projects. It also announced that various launching events will be held in line with the release of ‘HANG OUT’.

Prior to the release of the “Producer X Artist” team matching on June 18 (Friday), the project prepared a “Matching Event to Match the Expected Producer X Artist Combination” from June 10 (Thursday) to 17 (Thursday).

Through a lottery on June 18 (Friday), fans are expected to respond from the beginning by preparing for various events, including the presentation of the “HANG OUT” compilation album with the signatures of participating artists. Details can be found on hip-hop Playa and StabyGo’s SNS channels.

The music travel project “HANG OUT,” which will be completed with a fresh combination of eight veteran producers and hot artists, will also show episodes of the compilation album production process and exciting trips.

It is also available on Hip Hop Playa’s YouTube channel after its pre-release at Staby Go.

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