La bella Opera Company and STABY signed a business agreement

La bella Opera Company ( and STABY announced that they signed a business agreement on the 19th to revitalize and universalize opera.

The La bella Opera Company is a purely private opera organization that has continued its cultural and artistic activities to spread opera culture and improve quality of life for the past 15 years.

The biggest feature of this agreement is that it will be able to create a structure that allows artists and creators to continue their artistic activities by distributing content revenue transparently and efficiently through STABY’s patented technology, “Blockchain-based Revenue Distribution System.”

It is considered innovative in that it is not a popular cultural content but a rational profit-sharing attempt in the classical field.

As the opera genre, which is recognized for its consistent value based on its high artistry and completeness, can be enjoyed comfortably in my hands through this collaboration, attention is focusing on how original and high-quality content of La bella Opera will impress and thrill viewers.

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