Staby Co,. Ltd. Acquired patents regarding content revenue distribution based on blockchain and computing devices.

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Staby (CEO Lee Sang-Soo) announced on the 22nd, patents on the method of revenue distribution and computing device were acquired.

The newly acquired patent is about content revenue distribution system, and when the consumption of content occurs(when users expense their time on the video content), the distribution is made in real time according to the set equity ratio and method of the revenue generated.

In addition, transparency, reliability, and fairness can be secured through a profit verification process that increases the security of the stake by using blockchain technology. The patent technology will be applied to Staby’s OTT streaming service, StabyGo.

Lee Sang-soo, CEO of STABY, “We expect the system to ensure continuous revenue for content production participants, which will create quality content with diversity in a stable environment.”

STABY is set to launch a team building platform called STABY CONNECT for content production and a new concept of OTT platform called STABY GO.

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