‘Staby’ — ‘Good Concert’, concluded business Agreement

Staby and ‘Good Concert’ has agreed to business agreement to vitalize music and entertainment industry which was affected deadly by COVID-19.

Staby will provide real time relay and VOD service of Good Concert on Staby Go, an OTT platform developed by Staby. This made fans to easily access to high quality concert online hosted by Good Concert.

Through this agreement, the two companies have decided to ▲ apply a two-way streaming system using multi cameras, real-time streaming performance service and ▲ sharing of business information for the sake of success and development of the project.

‘Good Concert’ is a company that specializes in producing pop music performances of various ages such as ballads, rock, and hip-hop, and specializes in promotion, distribution, and distribution in the Seoul metropolitan area and provincial big cities, and recently completed the 2020 Kim Kyung-ho’s concert successfully and Monday Kid’s Christmas performance is set to take place on 24th of December.

Staby aims to solve inefficient content production procedures and unreasonable content revenue distribution structure through Staby Go, and to solve chronic problems and inefficient production procedures in the current content industry system using blockchain technology that cannot be arbitrarily manipulated.

“With this agreement, we will be able to create infrastructure for domestic pop music and related industries, improve the rights and interests of content producers, and establish a path for performance activities through online services,” said Lee Sang-Su, CEO of the Staby. “According to the Staby’s philosophy of considering market needs first, we will find a place to maximize partnership synergy and develop and introduce the services that customers want,” he emphasized.

Choi Min-sun, chief producer of Good Concert, said through this agreement, “collaboration of the Good Concert’s performance contents and technical skills of Staby have opened various possibilities of the market. I think this partnership will be the beginning of various fan experiences in the future.”

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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Stream Protocol

Stream Protocol

Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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