STABY, signed a business agreement with Myongji University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group.

July 14, STABY announced signed a business agreement with Myongji University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group.

It launched a new OTT platform called ‘stabyGO’ in June that differentiates itself from other platforms. Emphasizing a reasonable billing system with an advertising message, “Let’s pay as much as see from now,” led by contents from various fields and genres to resolve stereotypes and immersion in culture.

This business agreement is one of the business areas that showcases various genres of content and implements STABY’s values to create a sound creative ecosystem for creators, not end with creative content production support for students in their 20s.

Based on the revenue distribution system equipped with STABY’s unique IT technology, it is evaluated that it has well utilized the purpose of existing industry-academic cooperation in that it can generate profits, drawing attention to how it will affect the industry.

Myongji University In South Korea

The main contents of the medicine included the development of industry-academic cooperation programs with the Department of Arts (Art & Multimedia Composition and Film major), the joint utilization of equipment and facilities, mutual exchange of human resources, and the promotion of joint projects In particular, the difficulties students face in forming a team needed to produce content through the team building service platform “STABY CONNECT” developed by STABY, which is a collaborative structure of team members for each major.

The resulting content will be broadcast on the OTT platform “STABY GO” and the revenue generated will be fairly and reasonably distributed by STABY’s new revenue distribution system, in other words, through planning, team production, broadcasting, and revenue distribution.

“Recently, the trend of non-medium art content such as hip-hop, pure art, street culture, Korean traditional music, opera, modern dance, etc. through media outlets strongly suggests that it can become a popular and mainstream trend in line with changes in media and generations.”

As such, STABY’s goal is to create an environment where anyone can lead social and cultural trends so that anyone can reasonably enjoy contents from various genres and fields, in line with the tastes of the current generation that enjoy mainstream and non-mainstream cultures.

In addition, “STABY GO” has accumulated more than 10,000 users in three weeks since its official service opened in June, and it is expected that the number of users will continue to increase as STABY has artistry, popularity, and original content produced by creators and consumers.

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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