Staby signed a partnership agreement with Korea National University of Arts

The Korea National University of Arts was established in 1992 with the goal of fostering elite in the art sector at the national level with the support of the government to contribute to the development of the cultural industry in Korea. It is recognized as Korea’s best art school recognized by others.

Korea National University of Arts

The main contents of the agreement included △ Planning and production of contents with the Korea National University of Arts and each institute △ Supporting platform-related technologies △ Various film festivals and arts festivals, participation in performances, etc.

In particular, through the team building service platform “stabyCONNECT” developed by Staby, the difficulties students face in forming teams for content production, each major has a collaborative structure of team members. Instead of just supporting, it implements close collaboration from content planning.

As a result, the produced content will be broadcast on the OTT platform ‘stabyGO’ and the revenue generated will be distributed fairly and reasonably by Staby’s new revenue distribution system, which will collaborate throughout the process to profit distribution.

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System