STPL Airdrops 😲

📋 Stream Protocol 📋

Additional Klay Swap Liquidity Rewards

For a month from today (15 June to 15 July).

👾 1,875,000 STPL airdrops 👾

When depositing in klay-kstpl pair from Klayswap, as of current application point which is 240%, 62,500 per day, and total 1,875,000 STPL will be provided.

> Airdrop starts today! <

Please participate and show a lot of interest.

▷Klay swap:

▷ Orbit Bridge:

▷KSTPL Contract:


▷STPL Contract:


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How to use STPL Klayswap

Step 1

Split the seed money into 50:50 ratio, then purchase each STPL and Klay.

Alternatively, you can automatically swap with Klayswap at a 5:5 ratio with only STPL.

Step 2

Metamask → Add Token → Add STPL from custom tokens.

If you enter an SPTL contract address in the token contract address, the remaining spaces are automatically entered.

SPTL Contract Address: 0x9b5C2BE869a19e84BDBcb1386dAD83a2ec8DAe82

*STPL purchased or owned and a small amount of Ethereum to be used as a fee are transferred to Metamask

Step 3

Convert STPL into KSTPL through orbit bridge

Orbit Bridge :

Step 4

Select Ethereum in ‘From Chain’, enter the amount of STPL to convert, and press the Accept button.

Step 5

Set a spending limit and press the Save button.

*Operation will fail when fee(ethereum) is insufficient

*it may take time

Step 6

Select Ethereal at ‘From Chain’, type in amount, select Klaytn at ‘To Chain’, it will automatically show the amount.

*You must add KSTPL to your Kaikas wallet

*KSTPL Contract address (0x49a767b188b9d782d7b0efcd485ca3796390198e

Step 7

Press the OK button one by one to complete the transition.

Step 8

Access klayswap and connect kaikas wallet.


Step 9

Access klayswap and connect kaikas wallet.

Under Pool, click Klay-Kstpl Deposit.

Step 10

If you enter the STPL quantity or KLAY quantity to deposit, the ratio is automatically calculated and the KLAY quantity or KSTPL quantity is entered.

Deposit is completed by pressing the Deposit button.

*If you have a 5:5 ratio of Klay and KSTPL, you can choose KLAY+KSTPL.