Strategic Partnership with STABY and INDIESTORY

On the 14th, STABY has signed a partnership with INDIESTORY, Korea’s first independent film production and distribution company, for business cooperation.

Staby is about to launch “Staby Connect” (Team Building Platform for Quality Content Production) and “StabyGo” (OTT Platform with a real-time revenue distribution system that allows content producers and consumers to circulate in a virtuous circle). Indie Story, led by CEO Kwak Yong-soo, is the first independent film production distributor to distribute the popular independent film ‘Wonang Sori’ in 2009. ‘Wonang Sori’ has opened a new era for independent films, recording 2.95 million viewers, an amazing record for independent short films.

Through this partnership, the two companies decided to help the successful progress of the project by sharing information in connection with platforms under development by STABY in future film production and distribution work, and to strategically cooperate to promote the success and development of the project through mutual business information.

Under the partnership with STABY and INDIESTORY will work to create a structure that will draw attention and bring profits to everyone involved in film production through the upcoming OTT platform “StabyGo” and the team building platform “Staby Connect” so that the production and consumption of content can be achieved in a virtuous cycle.

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