Stream Protocol be listed on KLAYswap Through Orbit Bridge to enter Defi Market

Stream Protocol, a content revenue distribution platform that utilizes blockchain, announced on the 26th that it will participate in Klay Swap through the addition of ‘Orbit Bridge’ by blockchain technology company Ozys to enter the Defi market.

Recently, Defi is drawing keen attention as its market size grows rapidly with NFT. Defi is usually take out loans or interest in the virtual currency system. According to Defi Pulse, defi deposits amount to $78 billion on the 19th.

Stream Protocol’s ERC-20 token has been added to Orbit Bridge, enabling it to switch to KCT-based KSTPL. With the addition of STPL-KLAY pairs to KSP, a Klayton-based Defi protocol, users can freely exchange KSTPL and KLAY within the klay-swap without having to go through a centralized exchange. In addition, participating in the pool to supply liquidity can result in KSTPL and KLAY as transaction fees and KSP as compensation depending on the governance boating situation.

Stream Protocol is developing Stream Auction, an NFT Marketplace. At NFT Market Place, content NFT is mainly traded and is produced with a variety of contents uploaded to STABYGO (OTT) with STPL’s revenue distribution system, which will be released in June.

Stream Protocol is also planning products that combine Defi and NFT later. Along with the expansion of the ecosystem, we think participation in the Klay swap is an opportunity to play a leading role in the global market.





STPL Dshop:



Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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