Stream Protocol, ‘Comultaneous launch with OTT platform in the first half of this year’ is entering NFT market

Stream Protocol announced on the 9th that it has completed planning for Auction & Marketplace of NFT, which contains the stake in the content released in White Paper 2.0 in 2021, and has started applying for and developing patents.

Non Fungible token (NFT) means content, digital art works, and game items that can certify ownership on the blockchain. It has features that it is impossible to replace one token with another.

Stream Protocol announced that the current global NFT market transaction volume is about 280 billion won, up 4 times from the previous year. Recently, singer Grimes, known as the lover of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, auctioned off his works in the form of NFT, earning about 6.5 billion won in 20 minutes.

Revenue distribution system of stream protocol is installed in ‘Staby Go’, a Staby OTT platform that will be released in the first half of this year. A portion of the revenue actually distributed through the OTT platform is set to be an equity stake in the stream protocol, which is made of NFT and placed on Auction, allowing auction participants to bid and acquire ownership using STPL.

Owners who acquire content equity NFTs created in the stream protocol will receive a distribution of the share’s revenue at a fixed time. Marketplace will also be opened sequentially, allowing people to trade these NFTs with others, making them available for purchase or sale.

Staby will make a new method of content NFT through the connection of NFT’s technical properties and actual established services and we expect that crowdfunding will be possible by utilizing NFT’s content stake.





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