Stream Protocol, Klayswap ‘KLAY/KSTPL Pool’ KSP Mining begins

Stream Protocol announced on the 16th that it has started mining KSP tokens from the “KLAY/KSTPL Pool” formed within the Klayswap.

On the 26th, Stream Protocol formed ‘KLAY-KSTPL Pool’ on Klayswap through the addition of Orbit Bridge and participated in the defi market. Starting from the 15th, airdrop events will begin, with a total of 1,875,000 STPLs per month, 62,500 per day.

Mining of KSP governance tokens began as of today, 16th. Mining allows users to obtain both KLAY, KSP and STPL tokens. Users who supply liquidity to the pool can be rewarded according to the pool policy. On the first day, KSP’s return on compensation (APY) was 969%.

Stream Protocol is developing Stream Auction, an NFT Marketplace. At NFT Marketplace, content NFT is traded around content NFT, and content NFT is produced with a variety of content uploaded to Staby GO with a revenue distribution system of stream protocols released on June 18.

In the future, it is planning products that combine DeFi and NFT, and we think this Klayswap participation is an opportunity to play a leading role in the global market along with the expansion of the ecosystem.

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System