Stream Protocol (STPL), VOD contents provided on ‘THETAtv’

STPL placed k-contents VOD on THETAtv operated by Theta Labs on 21st.

Theta Labs is a company that has developed Theta Networks, which allows viewers to use the remaining bandwidth on their devices to relay videos on a P2P-based basis. Within Theta Network, various platform partners such as Samsung VR and immersive virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video network companies “Littlstar” and “Moviebloc” are collaborating.

Theta Labs currently operates the THETAtv platform, which serves VOD content to viewers. Millions of viewers a month use VOD content through THETAtv.

Sendsquare’s partner, STPL, is a company that strives to address frequently occurring inefficient production procedures and unreasonable content revenue distribution structures in the media and entertainment industry and has even applied for related technologies as patents.

STPL will be able to participate in the launching party as THETAtv’s VOD content launching partner and will be able to present its short film content, ‘Designated Driver’ and ‘Virus,’ to global viewers along with English subtitles.

“We are making efforts to ensure that video content revenues are distributed transparently and fairly to those who participated in the production process based on contributions registered in the block chain,” said Lee Sang-Soo, CEO of STPL. “Our efforts will help ease the cost burden of content producers and boost creative creation by reducing the time and cost needed for the revenue settlement and distribution process.”

“The content market is growing rapidly as ‘untact’ is currently a social issue, but the distribution of content production and profits is not improving,” he said. “It requires efforts by many people to produce a single content, but the reality is that the distribution of profits does not reflect individual contributions of those who participated in the production process. This is because most of the profits are given only to large distributors and a small number of producers,” he added.

“STPL tried to solve this method of profit distribution and inefficient production process using content smart contracts on block chain networks that cannot be arbitrarily manipulated,” CEO Lee said. “The two companies that want to innovate the entertainment industry by improving content revenue distribution will continue to use block chain technology to help develop the content industry in the future.”

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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