‘Stream Protocol’, utilize Kakao Blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’

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Stream Protocol(STPL) made an announcement on the 28th that it is implementing its digital asset, STPL Token, by utilizing Klaytn, which was developed by Kakao affiliate Ground X.

“Klaytn” is a central platform developed by Kakao through its affiliates to activate the Blockchain Application (BApp). It focused on improving speed and usability to drive large-scale corporate-based services, and declared in July that it would not accept fees for the next year.

Several domestic and foreign companies, including LG Electronics and Netmarble are participating in the ‘Klaytn Governance Council’, the governance node of ‘Klaytn’, and blockchain social media ‘Pibble’, cloud security service ‘Cloudbric’ and personal data trading platform ‘Airbloc’ are practicing based on Klaytn platform.

STPL is also trying to make user friendly model by constructing and expanding its own services through the collaboration.

STPL is a project to address frequent inefficient content production procedures and unreasonable revenue distribution structures in the content industry. Content Smart Contracts (CSC) on Blockchain Network have been suggested as a solution to chronic problems in the content industry.

Using Stream Protocol’s blockchain technology, which completed its patent acquisition on the 21st, content profits will be fairly distributed according to equity ratio set at the time of content registration on blockchain system, to those who have participated in the creation of production. Information recorded in the system cannot be modified or deleted arbitrarily, and all transaction records will be transparent, creating a reliable revenue distribution structure.

In addition, the use of this technology can reduce the cost burden of content producers to produce content and help vitalize content creation by reducing the time and cost required for profit settlement and distribution procedures.

Lee Sang-su(CEO of STPL) said, ‘Klaytn’ is a platform that builds governance, which consists of leading domestic and foreign companies, and is building infrastructure for the popularization of the block chain. As we strive for the institutional foundation of the block chain project, we also hope to develop into a project that will be more intimate with the public.”

Original post :https://v.kakao.com/v/20201028060139205

Website: https://www.streamprotocol.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamprotocol

Telegram: http://t.me/stream_protocol

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