Stream Protocol X ContentOS

Stream Protocol has signed partnership with ContentOS. Additionally, we are really glad to announce the establishment of Stream Protocol channel on COS.TV(DApp) with VoD contents uploaded provided by Staby.

Contentos aims to solve unfair revenue distribution in content market by compensating content provider, consumer and advertiser on proportion to their contribution to the content. They possess video DApp platform, COS.TV, and are providing high quality contents to global viewers.

Recently, COS.TV is expected to strengthen its content and enhance users’ video viewing experience through partnership with Daily Motion, Paris based video technology platform, for video playback technology and by receiving premium content from MBC, SBS, KBS, JTBC and Channel A.

Stream Protocol and ContentOS have common interest of utilizing blockchain technology to solve various issues on content industry regarding unreasonable revenue distribution. As our goals seem to match each other’s, we will continuously be corporate for the benefit of the market. COS.TV:

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Reasonable Content Revenue Distribution System

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