Summer special Hip Hop Project with stabyGO and Hiphopplaya “HANG OUT” TEAM REVEALED. Will it lead the summer hiphop trend?

The “Producer X Artist” combination of “HANG OUT”, a 2021 summer special hip-hop project created by Staby and Hiphopplaya, was announced. Fans are continuing to react explosively with questions about how the chemistry between each artist will spread out.

The teams are ‘CODE KUNST x HOMIES’, ’WOOGIE x LEE YOUNG JI’, ‘VANGDALE x OUREALGOAT’, ‘DRESS x BIG NAUGHTY’, ‘DAKSHOOD x CAMO’, ‘APRO x SOLE’, ‘PEEJAY x LIL CHERRY & GOLDBUUDA’. ‘PEEJAY x HANG JI WON’. The trip begin the with the goals to produce and show the compilation album consisting of 8 musics which hope to lead the trend this summer.

Producer and artist team member of ‘HANG OUT’

The “HANG OUT” project, which debuted with the launch of “stabyGO,” was created after a long preparation period with hip-hop playa, one of Korea’s leading hip-hop media, and is expected to be released today (Friday) at 7 p.m. and interview content.

HANG OUT, which depicts the process of each producer and artist traveling and producing music, said it plans to release a compilation album along with live clips as well as differentiated and sensuous videos from existing travel entertainment programs. Not only fans of artists, but also hip-hop fans’ expectations and interests are exploding on the SNS of stabyGO and hiphopplaya.

Starting with the first episode of Interview Day, which will be released today, fans are increasingly curious about each team’s travel destinations and artists’ travelogue in conjunction with the summer travel season of 2021. Various episodes of “HANG OUT” will be pre-released every Friday at 7 p.m. on and will be available on the app in July.

In addition to this HANG OUT project, STABYGO plans to collect various original contents as well as trendy contents and provide them to viewers. stabyGO will introduce a wide variety of non-constrained content to the public to address stereotypes about culture under the slogan “Can’t satisfy everyone, but anyone can enjoy it” and highlight differences from other platforms.

Staby is currently producing contents of various cultural genres with world-famous Korean artists and plans to continue to communicate with viewers through various and trendy contents such as art, dance, DJ, graffiti, movie, play, documentary, vocal and actors.

With first ‘pay-as-you-watch’ system in the OTT industry. ‘HANG OUT’ the first project of Staby.

Staby introduced a reasonable billing system that ‘pay as you watch’ and in this artists actively working in various media gathered at Staby’s first project ‘HANGOUT’, it is expected to see what kind of trend they’ll make this summer.





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