‘TANK WALLET’ The staking wallet for STPL users

Hello everyone!

We are Stream Protocol Team.

Today, we are announcing Officially ‘STPL Staking Service’ opened.

You Can Download ‘TANK Wallet’ through the ‘App store or Play Store’ and Stake STPL.

If You Stake the STPL, You can earn Rewards.

from now introduce ‘How to staking by using TANK Wallet’

Step 1: Download ‘TANK Wallet’ in the store

Step 2: Click the ‘New Wallet’ and input your e-mail and Password

Step 3: Write down your TANK Recovery phrase. If you lost this phrase, We Can’t help you

Step 4: Please Deposit your ETH and STPL to ‘TANK Wallet’

Step 5: If staking is the first time, press the staking tab at the bottom of the app and do APPROVE for the first time. At this time, a gas fee (fee) is incurred and paid by ETH.

  • It only occurs once per wallet account for the first time.

Step 6: Press the ‘STAKE STPL’ and input How many STPL do you want STPL

Step 7: Staking is complete when the quantity is displayed in the delegation amount. Check out the reward every 12 hours!

Step 8: Reward gain can be received by clicking HARVEST.


  • When will the fee be incurred?

There will be a separate fee for full approval (first time), staking, unstaking, and obtaining reward.

  • Why isn’t the fee free?

This is because all processes using blockchain proceed online.

  • What are the numbers in the STPL reward (based on 12 hours)?

This is the quantity of STPL that is compensated every 12 hours.

For example, Alice’s staking amount (20,000STPL) / Total staking amount (200,000STPL), Alice’s stake is 10%, which is about 4100 STPL rewards, 10% of 12-hour rewards (41,000).

  • Want to cancel the stake.

Fees are incurred and can be made 3 days after the last block creation time of 12 hours.

  • Want gain a reward.

Staking rewards can be used for immediate gain and re-deposition

  • When is the stake reward planned?

There is no specific stake end date currently planned. If the end time is set, we will notify you in advance.

  • Minimum of stake amount?

There’s no limit.

  • Forgot the mnemonic

If you click Export Mnemonic on the More tab, you will see the existing mnemonic.

  • What’s “export private key”?

The private key can be used in place of mnemonic and can be used to bring in your wallet.

  • Can change the e-mail?

You can modify it immediately on More tab.

🌐 Website: https://www.streamprotocol.io

🌐 ​http://www.staby.co.kr

🌐 https://www.stabygo.com/

🐦Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamprotocol


📌 Telegram_공지: https://t.me/streamprotocol_kr


💬 Telegram_EN: http://t.me/stream_protocol


💬 Telegram_KR : https://t.me/joinchat/Cs2lQ738gk9hNDg1


💬 Kakao talk : https://open.kakao.com/o/gtWWpqlc




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