Together with Staby Go and Hiphopplaya, Go x Hiphopplaya Edition

500:1 competition rate proves explosive interest, 5 finalist announced and mission in progress.

  • Producers are concerned because of incredibly skilled rappers.

Project ‘Go X HIPHOPPLAYA EDITION’ has announced the five finalists who have won the 500:1 competition rate. According to the production team, all of the applicants were surprised at the unexpected result of the explosive response even though it was the first project, and there were many talented and unique applicants, so they had a lot of worries about selecting finalists.

The GoX HIPHOPPLAYADITION project, which had a 500:1 competition rate, announced five finalists. Even though it was the first project, the production team was surprised by the explosive response of the volunteers, saying it was an unexpected result. In addition, there were many applicants with strong individuality as well as skills, so they had a lot of thoughts in selecting the finalists.

The Go X HIPHIPPLAYA EDITION, produced by collaboration between Stabygo and HipHopPlaya, is a hip-hop culture project in which producer PJ, who currently has vigorous activities and thick fandom, joins the selection of talented new artists as well as regular projects to support full-fledged music activities.

The five successful finalists will receive and carry out producers’ missions through Staby Connect by May 27, and each artist will showcase various beats, rap and melodies, and the final selection will be made for one of the highest scorers.

At the same time, the super-luxury lineup of participating artists and details of the project, which have been hidden, will be released sequentially from early June, and the final selected one is expected to receive explosive attention by having the opportunity to participate in the top artist’s project.

The EDITION project, which began with a full-fledged hip-hop culture, will be unveiled for the first time at StabyGo, scheduled to launch on June 17, and will showcase content that has not been seen before by capturing the creative process of artists that viewers have been curious about.

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